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Our Chinese (Mandarin) translation services are performed 100% by professional human translators who are native speakers fluent in Chinese and English. This is important because machine-based translation offerings cannot distinguish between sarcasm and culturally inappropriate phrases. Computer translation often misses or skips words the software cannot recognize. Proper grammar is often difficult to achieve with machine-based translation as well.  Most machine translators especially have a huge problem translating the Chinese language. So why risk the embarrassment resulting from these types of problems, especially with your important communications. Bruton Translations can deliver a quality result.


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Example of Chinese (Mandarin) to English Translation:

政府力推PPP,公司订单迅速增长。2014 年9 月财政部发布《关于推广运用政府和社会资本合作模式有关问题的通知》,正式开启PPP 模式的推广;2015 年4 月财政部先后发布《政府和社会资本合作项目财政承受能力论证指引》、《关于推进水污染防治领域政府和社会资本合作的实施意见》,5月国务院办公厅转发《关于在公共服务领域推广政府和社会资本合作模式的指导意见》。一系列政策的陆续发布,规范并加速了PPP 模式在水环境治理领域的推广应用。公司是我国开展PPP 模式最早的企业之一,目前已拥有二十多家PPP 模式合资公司,全国水务市场的放开预计将提供几万亿的市场,为公司带来巨大的商业机会。

Following the P.R.C’s aggressive promotion of the Public-Private Partnership model (PPP), our company’s orders have experienced rapid growth.  In September 2014, the Ministry of Finance published Issues and Applications Surrounding the Promotion and Use of the PPP Model, which denoted the official start of the government’s push.  In April 2015, the Ministry of Finance published in succession: Arguments and Guidelines for the Financial Capabilities of the PPP Project and Implementation and Suggestions Concerning the Advancement of Efforts to Conserve Clean Water Through the PPP Model.  Shortly afterward in May 2015, the General Office of the State Council published The Proper Methods and Suggestions Concerning the Implementation of the PPP Model in Public Service Sectors.  In departments concerning water quality and control, this rapid and successive publication of policy has resulted in the standardization and increased adoption rate of the PPP Model.  Our company is among the first few enterprises to have adopted the new PPP Model and is currently comprised of over 20 joint ventures, all of which follow the PPP Model.  With the privatization of the national water services, a multi-trillion yuan market is estimated to be created, providing an enormous business opportunity for our company.