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At Bruton Translations, you can count on the expertise of a team of English to Spanish translation professionals with many years of experience. Our rigorous quality control process, involving in-depth proofreading and editing, assures that you will receive the best translation money can buy.

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Our Spanish translation services are performed 100% by professional human translators who are native speakers fluent in English and Spanish. This is important because machine-based translation offerings cannot distinguish between sarcasm and culturally inappropriate phrases. Computer translation often misses or skips words the software cannot recognize. Proper grammar is often difficult to achieve with machine-based translation as well.  So why risk the embarrassment resulting from these types of problems, especially with your important communications. Bruton Translations can deliver a quality result.


Bruton Translations is certified for translating from English to Spanish. We are members of Proz Translators Workplace and the Austin Area Translators and Interpreters Association.

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Example of English to Spanish Translation:

All surgical procedures including LASIK involve risks of unsuccessful results, complications, infection, injury or even death, from unforeseen or known causes. Neither your surgeon, your optometrist, the Center or its staff can promise or guarantee that the procedures will be effective or make your vision better than it was prior to surgery. There is a possibility that the procedure or a complication arising from the procedure could make your vision worse. Your cornea or retina could be damaged which could result in partial or total blindness or could require a corneal transplant. Certain inflammatory conditions can cause severe postoperative complications such as cornea or flap inflammation or thinning of the flap. This could result in a permanent loss of vision. Because the procedure is relatively new, little data is available regarding long-term outcomes. Likely outcomes may be conveyed to you during your pre-operative exams. These will be based on a number of factors including your level of refractive error and surgeon’s opinion.

Todos los procedimientos quirúrgicos, incluyendo LASIK, conllevan los riesgos de dar fallidos, complicaciones, infecciones, lesiones o incluso la muerte, ya sea por causas conocidas o desconocidas. Ni su cirujano, el oftalmólogo, ni el Centro o su personal pueden prometer o garantizar que los procedimientos van a ser efectivos o hacer que su visión sea mejor que antes de la cirugía. Existe la posibilidad de que el procedimiento o una complicación debida al procedimiento puedan empeorar su visión. Su cornea o retina podrían resultar dañadas, lo que podría dar lugar a una ceguera total o parcial o requerir un trasplante de córnea. Ciertas condiciones inflamatorias pueden dar lugar a complicaciones postoperatorias graves como la inflamación de la córnea o el colgajo o el adelgazamiento del colgajo. Esto puede dar lugar a una perdida permanente de la visión. Ya que este procedimiento es relativamente nuevo hay pocos datos disponibles sobre resultados a largo plazo. Es posible que durante sus exámenes preoperatorios le comuniquen los resultados más probables. Estos estarán basados en una serie de factores incluyendo su nivel de ametropía y la opinión del cirujano.