Translation Services


Our Translation Services cover most major languages, including Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French, German, Arabic, Farsi, Russian and Chinese.  With very few exceptions we employ only native speakers for the target language, which means that if your document is being translated into Spanish, for example, only a native Spanish speaker will translate it.  This ensures that your translation will be not only grammatically correct, but also read and sound natural.  Our translators are all professionally trained, with years of translation experience.


Translation Services Expertise

Certificates (Marriage, birth, death, divorce. Certified/notarized according to INS guidelines and suitable for immigration)

Medical Translation (informed consent forms, medical reports, discharge instructions, clinical trial studies)

Legal Translation (contracts, wills, depositions, court documents and legal briefs)

Technical Translation (mining, oil & gas, automotive, nuclear engineering, medical instruments & equipment)

Pharmaceutical Translation (drug master files, marketing reports)

Literary Translation (poetry, fiction, theater, criticism)

Banking and Financial Translation (annual reports, financial fact sheets, market commentary)

Employee Handbooks, Customer Surveys, Media Reports


The Translation Process

First, your project will be vetted by our review team, to determine its subject matter, scope and degree of difficulty.  It is then assigned to the translator most qualified to handle the job.  Upon completion, the translation is thoroughly reviewed by our editorial team for accuracy and style, and if necessary sent back to the translator for clarification and/or correction.  When finished, the translation is sent to the client.  Should the client request any additional changes, so long as they are ethically sound, we are happy to oblige at no extra charge.  We are not satisfied until you, the customer, is satisfied.

Our Rates

We have a minimum charge of $80 for any project in most languages. For longer projects, we charge by the word. Please contact us for details.

We also offer a 20% discount for groups of three or more documents (such as birth/marriage certificates).

Areas Served

AustinSan AntonioRaleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill