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Our French translation services are performed 100% by professional human translators who are native speakers fluent in French and English. This is important because machine-based translation offerings cannot distinguish between sarcasm and culturally inappropriate phrases. Computer translation often misses or skips words the software cannot recognize. Proper grammar is often difficult to achieve with machine-based translation as well.  So why risk the embarrassment resulting from these types of problems, especially with your important communications. Bruton Translations can deliver a quality result.


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Example of French to English Translation:

Plus de la moitié des Français (54%) jugent “mauvais” le bilan du président français Jacques Chirac, qui quittera ses fonctions à la tête de l’Etat le 16 mai, 44% le jugeant bon, selon un sondage publié jeudi. 40% des Français jugent son bilan “plutôt mauvais” et 14% “très mauvais”, contre 42% qui l’estiment “plutôt bon” et 2% “très bon”, selon ce sondage de l’institut BVA. A gauche, 71% des sondé condamnent le bilan de Jacquse Chirac, contre 27% qui l’approuvent. A droite, 59% l’approuvent, contre 40% qui le condamnent. Les évènements les plus marquants de la présidence de M. Chirac auront été, selon les Français, son opposition à la guerre en Irak et difféerentes crises: la qualification du leader d’extrême droite Jean-Marie Le Pen pour le second tour de la présidentielle de 2002, la victoire du non au référendum de 2005 sur la Constitution européenne, la dissolution ratée de l’Assemblée en 1997 et le mouvement contre le contrat-jeunes (CPE) au printemps 2006.

More than half of all French people (54%) judged as “bad” the record of the French President, Jaques Chirac, who will step down as the Head of State on 16th May. He received a “good” rating by 44% in a public survey published on Thursday. 40% of French people returned a judgement of “quite bad” and 14%, very bad, as against 42% who thought he was “quite good” and 2%, very good, according to a survey conducted by the Institute BVA. On the left, 71% of those interviewed condemned Chirac’s record in government, as opposed to 27% who approved of it. On the right, 59% expressed their approval, as opposed to 40% who condemned his record while in office. The main events which marked Mr Chirac’s term of office were, according to the French public, his opposition to the war in Iraq as well as other crises: the qualification of the Far Right leader Jean-Marie Le Pen to vote in the second round of the 2002 French presidential elections, the triumphant “No” vote in the 2005 referendum on the European Constitution, the failed dissolution of the Assembly in 1997 and the movement against the youth employment scheme (CPE) in the spring of 2006.