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Our Spanish translation services are performed 100% by professional human translators who are native speakers fluent in Spanish and English. This is important because machine-based translation offerings cannot distinguish between sarcasm and culturally inappropriate phrases. Computer translation often misses or skips words the software cannot recognize. Proper grammar is often difficult to achieve with machine-based translation as well.  So why risk the embarrassment resulting from these types of problems, especially with your important communications. Bruton Translations can deliver a quality result.


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Example of Spanish to English Translation:

El ex dictador chileno, General Augusto Pinochet, quien falleció en Santiago el 10 de diciembre, fue un pionero en el uso de las “desapariciones” como arma de represión en Sudamérica, dijo hoy Human Rights Watch. Sin embargo, su arresto en Londres en 1998 también impulsó el uso de tribunales nacionales para juzgar a líderes extranjeros por abusos cometidos en sus propios países, señaló Human Rights Watch. El arresto en Londres fue el principio del fin para Pinochet y el inicio de un esfuerzo para llevar ante la justicia a los violadores de derechos humanos más poderosos del mundo. Pinochet pasó sus últimos años luchando contra una maraña cada vez más compleja de juicios en Chile y murió dejando la imagen de una figura profundamente desacreditada en la tierra que una vez gobernó.

The ex-Chilean dictator General Augusto Pinochet, who died in Santiago on December 10, was a pioneer in the use of “disappearances” as a weapon of repression in South America, Human Rights Watch said today. However, his arrest in London in 1998 also gave rise to the use of national courts to judge foreign leaders for abuses committed in their own countries, Human Rights Watch stated. His arrest in London was the beginning of the end for Pinochet and the start of an effort to bring to justice the world’s most powerful human rights violators. Pinochet spent his last years fighting an ever more complicated web of trials in Chile and with his death leaves behind the image of a deeply discredited figure in the land he once governed.